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Challenge Your Own Perceptions About Money

by TaxMama on January 14, 2009

In these challenging times in the economy, people think their feelings are strictly here and now. But I can tell you a huge part of people’s feelings, particularly their fear, is from long ago in their childhoods. As a result, we need, now more than ever, to examine our relationships with money, and to see where our childhood wounds affect not only our own financial lives, but also the economic outlook in our world. Investing ourselves and supporting each other in exploring our own individual relationships with money is a unique and effective step towards “banding together” and helping each other during these times of economic stress .

I believe that at a very deep level of our being, when people are under stress, they regress to the thoughts, feelings, and perceptions of a child. . . . even though they are not aware of it. They may not completely regress, they may not act on the regression, but they might. We’re in a recession. People are under stress. Even in everyday life, without a recession, people’s relationship with money, at the root, is based on a young child’s thoughts, feelings, decisions about money . . . and about the things money symbolizes for them. Under the kind of financial stress that the current economy is creating, people will regress unconsciously to their earliest thoughts, feelings, decisions about money. They may do things that look like adult things, but it’s often coming from the regressed child in them. As a result…when confronted with economic struggles, we panic, and act from this regressed state. We make poor money decisions, which affect not only ourselves, but also the economy of our country and our world. This feeds a vicious cycle…because when things get worse, we panic and regress even further. If families, companies and communities explored the root of their relationships with money at the earliest levels, they could actually heal the wounds from the inside out and wouldn’t have to settle for trying to manage the crisis in the outer world and holding their feelings at bay. They could then truly unite in times of economic crisis….for their sake and for the sake of our world.

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Judith Barr

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