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Help Those in Need With

by TaxMama on December 22, 2008

This is not only a touching story it is also an interesting way that other people can help out other people they care about.

As background, after our dog of 15 years passed away last fall, and lots of heart ache later, my parents were finally able to add another addition to our family and got two absolutely wonderful puppies that we just adore. My Mom is an incredibly wonderful and caring person (which I’m sure EVERYONE says about their Mama 🙂 but I believe she goes above and beyond – even for people she doesn’t know that well. The breeder we adopted our pups from recently hurt his back so severely that he was out of commission for 3 months, and now is likely to be permanently wheel-chair bound. Despite the fact that he couldn’t train our dogs as previously planned (they were at his kennels when it happened), and had offered to waive the fee, my parents still paid him in full AND started the below fund for him and sent the following email to their friends and contacts:

Dear Friends and family-
A self employed colleague has suffered a spinal cord injury and is in jeopardy of losing everything he has worked a lifetime for,  due to the cycle of his disability and Physical Therapy.  I tried to think of a way to help him without asking anyone for donations.  What we put together is a link where corporations will make a small donation to his fund everytime we shop at one of their internet sites.  We were delighted to see that we already shop at a great many of them anyway such as Sears, Target,  Armani, Borders, Priceline, Cabelas, Orvis, PetSmart, Smartbargains, Overstock, Eddie Bauer,  and about a hundred more.

Please consider taking a glance at this link, and signing up by using your email address and creating a pin.  Where you are willing, please consider passing this request on to your family, friends, and associations as well.  Thank you for your participation, if you wish to do this.  It is a great act of kindness that is much appreciated.  The more we can spread this message the more likely Mark will be able to sustain his home and animals.
Warmest Regards,
Suzy and Herman Karl

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Chantelle Karl

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