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Community Gardens and Sharing

by TaxMama on December 22, 2008

Let’s start community gardens.  And let’s share our harvest.
Let’s set up a community bin where people can drop off no longer needed items that still have usefulness.
How about a "registry" online where people in neighborhoods… in individual blocks even… register their interest in taking turns hosting a potluck, or a picnic, or a meeting where mutually beneficial activities are planned for others in that specific area or block.  Let’s get to know one another and develop a sense of family and support.
Some of the things we could do with (and for) each other in our neighborhood are:
Carpool… or share a car!, share garden space, share food, share knowledge of herbs and their healing, share garden knowledge, look in on older folks and shut-ins, maintain and organize information about local resources such as schools, businesses, services and so on, welcome new people into the area…. and so much more!
How about setting up a central source of information about healers in your area.  I cannot tell you how many people do not have insurance these days.  And it is so expensive to go from one healer or doctor to another trying to find one that understands your particular health problem and has the ability and inclination to work "with" you… and will answer your concerns and questions.  You can waste so much money.  It would be wonderful if there was perhaps a website where the healers actually speak to you (uTube thing?) and also where they list their specialties and training and general guiding philosophy…  and fees!  Some reviews from patients… and former patients would round it off nicely.
I also think that there is also a wealth of information available in our local communities that we could tap into and share with our young people.  I think it would be great to have some kind of get together maybe once a month, where young people (13 to 19??) could come and listen to and question older people about some particular topic which could change each month… i.e. What’s the difference between love and sex?  Celebrating diversity and nurturing tolerance. Why does it matter what we say about other people?  How I found success and happiness without attending college…. and so on.  There are countless topics that need to be shared with our young people.  Surely we can find a way to attract them to a meeting once a month where they can learn from the wisdom of more experienced adults.
OK… I think that’s enough ideas for the moment.  But before I go, I want to thank you for offering to gather and dispense these ideas.  It is a wonderful service you do.  Thank you!

Submitted by:
Ginny Riker

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