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Use technology in every possible way to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels.

by TaxMama on December 22, 2008

Use technology in every possible way to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels.   For examples:
(1) Cut the use of fossil fuels by reducing the use of school buses and school buildings and structures, costs of instructor and administrative transportation, etc..   Teach kids the fundamentals via computer networks (a single, caring, and well-paid instructor could teach thousands of students reading, writing and arithmetic, history-political science-biology-language arts, etc. on the computer network).   Teachers themselves could teach from their homes pretty much with little or no commuting by using the internet.   Each students’ attendance could be measured by the results of daily testing on the materials presented…those who didn’t meet the minimum requirements would be obligated to have a simply longer school day at the computer.
(2) Use the food warehouse concept combined with a computer system that would let one view the merchandise visually from home, make their selections, have them packaged and then have them picked up and/or delivered by interstate route carriers using vehicles with hybrid and alternative fuels drive trains.
(3) Promote back to basics Energy-Star residential and commercial construction techniques, where American taxpayers would learn that “bigger is not better” when their utilities increase 15% to 40% a year for heating, cooling, etc..
(4) Encourage conservation by granting cost-based credits for employers having employees who could and would perform their jobs just as well (or better) from their homes (and not have to hire day care providers, etc.) than from a commuter-limited five day work week.
(5) Produce mass transit on a far larger scale than is currently in use, and find ways to discourage unnecessary use of fossil fuels (perhaps, if necessary, through rationing based on per person allowance instead of upon who can and who cannot afford to purchase gasoline, diesel, etc.).
(6) Prosecute the criminal, white collar and otherwise, and deport second offenders to serve their sentences in the deserts of Mexico (after hiring the Mexican Government to construct prisons and prison camps and train the security guards and systems necessary for work gangs, construction shops, etc., in the re-training of the criminal element (and disregard the criminal type…white collar, blue collar…no difference…I would expect considerably more compliance with the laws and less overhead costs to the taxpayers as the result).
(7) Combine the economic, social and military power of the three North American nations of Canada, Mexico and the USA as an economic North American bloc for energy and alternative energy production, distribution and use within the North American region.   Establish the AMERO as a consistent value electronic currency to be used in any and all business and contractual enterprises between the three members of the United States of North America.
(8) Strengthen the U S Tax Codes to promote industry and not punish the industrious, get government out of the bedrooms and storerooms of Americans.   Limit the number of bills to be considered by congress in the course of a year by a set LOW number and then require a far larger vote percentage passage requirement for any bills that occur after the quota is met.   Anytime you put lawmakers together they feel obligated to haggle over and make laws…we need far fewer laws and much more enforcement of those laws that truly serve the public good and not the pork barrels of politicos.    
(9) Make membership in congress a “part-time” job as the framers of the U. S. Constitution provided early on, and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law any public servant that violates his or her oath of office…up to and including very long prison sentences for convicted malefactors, up to and including having to repay all compensations received back to the federal coffers when proven to have committed truly criminal acts.

Submitted by: Thomas Avery Blair, EA

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